My name is Iris. I live in Singapore with my Lebanese husband Mr. K and our children Eva and Liam K. On Profile_Picturemy own I am known as Missyrisc but I am also known as Mrs. K. We live in a typical HDB (don’t worry international readers I will explain what that means in due time) apartment with 3 bedrooms and a decent kitchen. We live in a very exciting and cosy neighbourhood full of cute cats and friendly seniors.

I was born and raised in sunny island Singapore and did my fair share of adventure seeking. I took a gap year and traveled coast-to-coast in the USA alone and ended up making a lot of Singaporean curry for new-found international friends. I am a Singaporean Chinese but is often mistaken to be someone of another race.

Trained as an Industrial Designer as well as a Hair and Makeup stylist, I decided that it’s the simple things in life that counts. Right now I am an artist educator working in a Singaporean government-aided school. As an artist educator I believe in practicing as a visual artist and theatre practitioner as it is an unique vocation that requires reflexive processes through the artworks as a medium. Therefore apart from educating teenagers I am also constantly writing plays and creating visual artworks.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller

The Blog

The best thing about blogging is sharing my journey and making friends from all over the world. I also realised that there is a genuine lack of informative art and lifestyle blogs in the Southeast Asian context. We have plenty of interesting and beautiful people and surroundings which are often neglected. This is also where I share my passion of theatre, visual arts, parenthood, decorating, cooking, entertaining and all things DIY. Entries for Drama and Theatre are password protected. To access them please write to me at  mrs.khanashat [at] gmail [dot]com. Thank you.

I hope you will enjoy my discoveries in this little window of mine.