Is Singapore home?

Some days are such that you have so many words in you, you do not really know how to start. Well today is just one of those days. In my mind right now, there are so many thoughts conjured. In the modern vernacular, I guessed many would categorise me as “emo”. I did not grow up relying on this word to describe my feelings, I only know that as a human sometimes there are thoughts to be worded and there are views to be voiced.

As our nation’s birthday inch closer, perhaps I should pen a heartfelt entry about my feelings about Singapore. While we are always comfortable of the grand picture that media has painted to us, perhaps it is time to be aware that many of these are rosy pictures. In spite of the achievements that we have garnered, one achievement always means that there are at least one forgotten facet. For example, the disparity in the quality of schools in Singapore is quite appalling. While we have schools that provide an ipad for every student, we can also see schools that are 25 years old, with pathetic facilities and classrooms that are not conducive for learning. I wonder if any of our ministers have actually seen schools like that.

In the weekends, taking the public transport has literally become a foreign experience.  While I understand that foreign workers need their holiday too, I am wondering why our transport system failed to rise to the occasion to meet the needs of our growing population. Perhaps I am a quiet soul slowly receding into a quieter life, life in our fast paced Singapore has been a stretch for me lately.

Maybe age has a part to play, but I am starting to realize that Singaporeans do not seem to understand that it is important to have work life balance. The majority of us have been brainwashed into thinking work is everything. I find it perplexing that some people put the same expectations on others when it comes to working non-stop. They work so much that I am absolutely sure that they are ignoring their family. This is very disturbing. Life is too short to be spent entirely on work.

A few close friends of mine have been discussing about how ill-fitted we feel in Singapore, and ironically many of us were raised here. We cannot live in a nation with such little places to visit and such crowded places to live in. We adore the great outdoors, of fresh produce and great weather. Most of all, a slower pace of living is what we want.

So what is Singapore to me? It’s just what matters to the heart and none of the fluff, just like what was conveyed in this local film called “That Girl in Pinafore”.

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