Christmas at the K’s

The Christmas season amplifies our lives. Feasting, gifting and countless amount of celebrations surrounds us during the month of December.

The same applies to Christmas at the Khanashat’s (aka the K’s). Last year, we spent Christmas in Mr. K’s hometown, Lebanon. This year, however, we have decided to celebrate in Singapore instead.

But that does not stop us from the Christmas feasting and gifting. Food at the K’s is a big deal, and no Christmas feast would be complete without a roasted turkey and log cake. Since my father-in-law is a Lebanese chef it is felony to him if we do not get a good spread of food.

The spread was almost surreal, you really wouldn’t expect this kind of spread in a Singaporean home, you’ll only probably get it in a restaurant. But hey, this is at the K’s, and anything could happen. Take a look at the short video clip that I put together and you’ll see how pampered we are. (p.s.This is my first attempt using my new camera with Adobe Premiere Pro, so please be lenient on the quality, will you?)

Roasted Christmas Turkey for Dinner at the K's
Lebanese style roasted turkey with chestnuts and rice for Christmas Dinner at the K’s

Amidst the feasting, unwrapping of presents, games and watching endless Christmas movies, I felt the warmth of family ties and of course the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who made all these possible.

So, how did you spend your Christmas?

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