Decorating with vintage finds

Vignette in the studio
A collection of vintage finds make a vignette in our studio: A mechanical “chinese communist graphic” alarm clock that has been in my posession ever since I was a child. The vases were all gifts scouted from thrift shops in Australia by my sisters-in-law. The vintage ad metal plate was a gem found in an antique shop. Little smiley badges remind me to smile everyday. Inspirational quotes framed up in an IKEA frame provide spiritual food.


My love for vintage started way back when I was a poor struggling student. Armed with very little pocket money, I ploughed among flea markets and the Salvation Army Thrift shops for good deals.

Not only thrifting has become my way of life, it has also made me appreciate a little more of how some items and clothes are intricately made in the past. We are a generation that wants everything new. Old things are hardly appreciated as a result.

I love to decorate with vintage finds, matched with new items they add character to the house and brings a cozy feeling to any space. Vintage textiles add pattern and eclecticity to your space.

In the following weeks on my blog, I will share little facets and stories of how some items ended up in our little apartment. I sincerely hope that some of you will also start thrifting and start to discover the beauty of used and old objects.

Upholstered embroidery loops add interest to plain walls.
Upholstered embroidery loops add interest to plain walls.

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