Forgotten Beauty

Every night when we return to our abode, a sweet aroma greets us. Rarely do we stop and watch; to smell the flowers; to admire the glory of the light.

Right beside our block is a grand old tree, loaded with flowers which exudes a sweet aroma everytime we walk home from the nearby train station. Many times this aroma has been associated with “home”. I am a person that has a acute sense of smell. Scents intrigue me and they engage me as much as visuals.

We live in a sanitised nation called Singapore, many fail to see the simple beauty that surrounds us. I started this blog to journal and share about the forgotten beauty that we pass by everyday while we live out our busy schedules.

Just like this beautifully scented tree that greets us every evening, and the beauty of sunshine seeping through, how many beautiful things are we not seeing?

Scent of flowers

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