“Target Setting” – An Interactive Installation Art

Target Setting


Mixed media installation

Varied dimensions

What is your ultimate goal in life? What is the most important? “Target Setting” explores our priorities, hopes and desires through a child’s act of play. A metaphorical and physical installation that was inspired by simple play objects and its artist’s Southeast Asian Chinese roots, the artwork encased the beauty of ephemeral mark making and data mapping.

The work in its “pristine” state.
The work in its “play aka what a mess” state.

Participants are encouraged to choose a target and aim at the bulls-eye by leaving a mark, thereby becoming joint creators.

About the Artwork:

“Target Setting” is a reflective artwork imbued with a sense of soul searching on my Singaporean Chinese roots. The name suggests a common term used in Singaporean schools to equip students with a sense of direction. I find the term and mindset prevalent in our culture, and as we age many of us continue to set “KPIs” (short for ‘Key Performance Index’) in our life. Using iconography, synonymous with current internet culture, the work is intentionally left unfinished, with an invitation to viewers to be partakers in creating the work. It explores the extent of play and also acts as a data mapping device, and as viewers aim to shoot at their “desired” goal, the icon ironically disappears with the mark making. The “softening” of violence, as represented with the candy-coloured water gun, further initiates conversations on our “trigger-happy” generation. The artwork is also a result of my exploration on alternative mediums, the discovery of a special mark making textile used for chinese calligraphy presented another possibility of exploring ephemeral art. As viewers of the artwork engage in discourses about playing with familiar objects, they find new meaning and reflect on the value of the notion of target setting and negotiate the value of process and result.

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