Hidden and Sought: Installation Art that investigates Pareidolia




Hidden and Sought
Digital images, digital prints, cellophane, foam panels, acrylic rods, one metal cabinet
236 cm × 236 cm x 92 cm

Do you see faces? Are faces hidden or waiting to be sought? Are we tapping into the crevices of our cerebral cortex?

Pareidolia will invite us play again. Reignite the fire of our inner playground where we will communicate “face to face”.

It’s in us. All of us.

The seeking continues …


About the artwork:

“Hidden and Sought”- an installation art, is a culmination of my journey while discovering Pareidolia. A source of stimuli that dwells in our parietal lobe, pareidolia is within us since infancy. This artwork is also an interactive discussion via the social media instagram. In the course of the art making, friends of mine contributed to find “faces” in animate objects. The result of understanding pareidolia is thus a combination of primary and secondary research. While some of the contributors did not start out well in finding faces, eventually the stimulus was reignited. This is precisely the kind of message that I want to convey; that this is hidden within us and within our surroundings, it is up to us to seek it and have that retrieved.

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