“Space: Captured” : A piece of explorative Installation art that investigates play and setting boundaries.

Space: Captured
Dome Interior
Kaleidoscopic Projection
Happy Play things inside the artwork.
Projection Kaleidoscopic Crayon in the projection dome.
Projection Kaleidoscopic Crayon in the projection dome.
 IMG_1684_sm IMG_1530_sm
The dome with Helium filled balloons.
The dome with Helium filled balloons.
Space: Captured
Mixed media installation
600 cm x 600 cm x 200 cm

Space: Captured explores the act of immersive play and its response to boundaries. It is an interactive shelter that allows participants to negotiate the value of play and its implications. A metaphorical and physical space that was inspired by simple play objects, the artwork encapsulates how the intangible can create a sense of wonder.

Participants are encouraged to step into the artwork and interact with its elements, thereby becoming joint creators.

About the artwork:

Space: Captured encapsulates the journey in the dialectic exploration of the act of immersive play and the setting of boundaries/restrictions. An interactive medium for the beholder to negotiate the value of play and its implications, it allows visitors to contemplate the boundaries they set in order to play. The work also centers on the shift between the personal and public world and its relationship to immersive play. After being invited into the space to relive the act of play; one initiates an internal dialogue with regards to the boundaries set within our own jurisdiction.

Intentionally left incomplete and ever changing, the work emphasizes on the emancipated beholder as crucial to sustain the process nature of play. Play is also integral in the making of any form of art. The temporal residents “perform” inside the artwork, becomes part of the artwork, thereby becoming co-creators in providing a visual language. In this manner the artist is also stripped of coveted control and lets the beholder play in the artwork with self formulated boundaries. This “incompleteness” forms the framework by which uncertainty challenges the artist and opens up new possibilities. As residents of the artwork engage in discourses about play, they find new meaning and reflect on its value.


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