She’s a month old!

I know, she looks really regal on this giant cushion. lol. Very princess indeed.

Survival of the first month

We survived the first month! To sum it up: feedings, naps and nappy changes.Bringing Eva home was daunting at first, Mr. K and I had zero experience with regards to caring for a newborn, so the confinement nanny that was hired was a lot of help. When the nanny was due to leave after 28 days, we were left with a little bit of anxiety on how we would manage. At the same time, I felt relieved that we can finally get our privacy back. Living with a stranger can be very constricting at times, this is especially so when I am rather strict on cleanliness and hygiene. However, I encourage everyone to get a confinement nanny as post-partum recuperation is absolutely necessary. There is just too many duties when it comes to caring for a newborn, and in the first month a new mum should just rest and leave it to someone experienced.

Eva is growing so fast most mittens would not fit her. The only ones that do are freebies from Friso. In the end, she became an unofficial ambassador for the brand. :p
Eva is an expressive lil girl. Her range of expressions is probably a result of drama lessons I took when I was pregnant.
Eva is an expressive lil girl. Her range of expressions is probably a result of drama lessons I took when I was pregnant. This is her “I refuse” expression.
We call this her "Praise The Lord" pose.
We call this her “Praise The Lord” pose.
Her giant yawn.
Her giant yawn.

Boobies and milk

The first month was a roller coaster ride indeed. First of all, breastfeeding was not as “natural” as it should be. I went through all the emotional attacks when the supply was not adequate. It also did not help that the nanny told me stories of “previous customers” who had an oversupply, which made me feel that there is something wrong with me. The truth is, I felt guilty and less worthy as a mother. This was on top of the numerous battles that I had with Eva to latch her on. The wailing and pain certainly did not help the situation. At the end of it, we decided to supplement formula with breast milk, because seriously at one point I do not want to be stressed out anymore, and it should not make me feel less of a mother.

I think most people expect you to breastfeed exclusively, but if you cannot, do not feel less of a mother. What really matters is that your child is healthy.

Perhaps one of the most melting moments from feeding are burping moments with Eva. Seeing these cute expressions really makes me smile.

Burp Faces
Burp Faces

Christmas at the K’s

This year’s Christmas was extra special with the arrival of our daughter Eva K. A new family member always bring new beginnings and a lot of joy to any family. Apart from Christmas presents, the biggest gift this Christmas must be our little bundle of joy.

We also celebrated Eva’s full month on Christmas Day. It was a private affair with only relatives, just the way we like it.

The grandparents.


Lil Eva K with her “like a boss” expression.


The truth is that it still feels a little surreal that our lives have been changed forever with lil Eva K in our household. Caring for a little one made me more ‘grown up’ I guessed. Our marriage grew even stronger because we know we shall tackle the challenges that come our way with courage and resilience. To quote what Mr. K said, from now on, there are going to be loads of “homework” when it comes to parenting.

So a very joyful and rewarding 2014 awaits. Let the homework begin. We can do it.  🙂

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