This is it! I am a mother now.

On the 26th Nov 2013, at 11:43 pm, I became a mother.

But for the journey thus far becoming a mother is more than what I could ever imagined.

People have commented that I am a ‘motherly’ person. I never figured out how can one tell if a woman is ‘motherly’ even when she has not given birth to any children. Whenever someone tells me about the fact that I am motherly, I take it as a compliment.

Meet Eva Khanashat, or ‘Eva K’.

Eva's official birth announcement.
Eva’s official birth announcement.

The Pregnancy

Mr. K and I had left things to Abba Father in the area of parenthood. We did not “plan” to be parents but rather believe that if Abba God blesses then our child shall be a blessing to us and He shall provide, protect, educate and nourish this child. At the same time we believe that He would provide us with the wisdom, grace and favour as parents.

Eva was conceived at the most stressful period of my life, my Dad has been hospitalised due to an unknown infection and I was having a very difficult teaching practicum. Despite all that “stress”, Eva was protected throughout the first trimester and made it to the second.

Apart from serious fatigue and nausea I had very little pregnancy symptoms. I also did not have ridiculous food cravings. The second trimester was a breeze except that at the end of it I was diagnosed with mild gestational diabetes, which meant that I had to watch my diet and test my glucose level constantly. No doubt it was bothersome and annoying as I had to cut off all desserts and many other food, to the envy of others I lost a lot of weight. Despite that, Eva kept on growing very well as a “medium to large” size baby. There was a preterm labour scare but Eva was protected and grew to be a full term baby before she was delivered.

The journey was not without difficulties and scares, but Jesus was always protecting me and Eva along the way.

The Birth Story

Eva was scheduled to be induced at 38 weeks, she had grew to an approximate weight of 3.7 – 4.1 kg and had to be out. We scheduled to induce labour in the morning of 25th November. Contractions came in the afternoon and I wouldn’t say that was the most fun to have.

I went through 23 hours of labour… I do not even know how I survived through that. I also do not know how Mr. K could go through that with me, it must have been terrible to hear your wife in pain for 23 hours. Mr. K is such a blessing to me! I definitely married the right man. At some point of time, I only muttered “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” repeatedly. I even said “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us” to Eva.

After 23 hours, I reached 10 cm dilation, I pushed and I pushed, I swear that I used my utmost strength. But I was exhausted, Eva was also exhausted, her heartbeat was very erratic by then. After that we tried assisted labour, but it was still unsuccessful. My gynae suggested caesarean section procedure because Eva needs to be out asap.

Eva is out!
Eva is out! *cues Lion King music*

The whole operation to me was a blur but what I could remember was Eva came out like an angel to me. Because I was so exhausted and was on partial anaesthetic, all I saw was a stretched cloth and out came this baby that I had been carrying in my womb for 9.5 months. It was a very surreal feeling. On hindsight, the whole imagery reminded me of the “Lion King” where Simba was held. LOL….

We saw each other for the first time.
We saw each other for the first time. I wished I could hold her longer but she had to be observed in the NICU.

But yeah, we made it. The three of us, this is a new chapter for the Ks.

Our first family photo
Our first family photo
Fresh out of utero.
Fresh out of utero.

Life with Eva

Life with Eva has been a joy, but it is also a steep learning curve. Throughout this pregnancy and birth journey Abba Father has taught me that whatever happens we shall be blessed and I learned to count my blessings and enjoy the journey every day. Truth is Eva and me came out of this safe and sound. Both of us have divine health and it is going to stay that way. Motherhood (despite the short length of it) has taught me to constantly rely on Jesus to provide, guide and to protect. It has also taught me to live one day at a time and be positive about what is to come.

Mr. K and I believe that Eva is from God, and we will be guided to be great parents. At the same time, Eva shall be protected by Him. We shall be anxious for nothing, because He shall be with us always.

When you wake up to this face, all that lack of sleep is worthwhile.
When you wake up to this face, all that lack of sleep is worthwhile.

Waking up to see Eva’s cute cherubic face makes me stronger to face the challenges which may come our way. Breastfeeding her was a challenge, but I was surprised at the unconditional love Jesus has provided me with, and I thank Him for this.

At the end of the day, despite the challenges, Jesus came through for us. So whatever that comes our way in the future, I am learning to rely more and more on Him.

It is untypical of me to write such a long post of my faith. But I felt that I needed to write this post of thanksgiving and perhaps to encourage those of us who may be facing great challenges. If we lead a life without challenges, why would we need God? What makes it wonderful is knowing that WITH the challenges we can still be victors with HIS ever present help.

I end this post with a photo of Eva at the end of week 1. Stay tuned for more updates on our little bundle of joy.

Eva at 1 week.
Eva at 1 week.


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